IdentityNorth 2014

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IdentityNorth 2014

IdentityNorth gathers Canadians that are interested in creating and sustaining a conversation about digital identity and authentication.

Please join us: Date May 6, 7 Location: TELUS House, 25 York Street, Toronto

Solving the digital identity challenge is becoming more and more urgent for Canada. Public and private sector organizations are being challenged to deliver services in ways that cannot be sustained without a robust, secure system to ensure that organizations know who they are serving in the digital space. Whether it is about defending against fraud, creating new kinds of conveniences, or even designing new service concepts that redefine an industry, the new discipline of bridging identity and authentication with top-notch service design is critical.

Whether you are an expert in the field of service delivery, a technologist, a privacy professional or a leader asking how your organization can anticipate the opportunities of digital services in Canada and beyond, we hope you’ll join us in this unique chance at directly shaping Canada’s digital future.

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      “The only conference in Canada where one can meet the who’s who of knowledgeable people and champions of digital identity to discuss the real issues and opportunities in this space.”-Dave Nikolejsin, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines at Government of British Columbia
      “IdentityNorth provides a valuable opportunity to advance Canada's Identity ecosystem with a wide range of knowledgeable industry participants.” -Robert Blumenthal, EVP Business Development, SecureKey Technologies
      “A fantastic platform bringing together Canadian thought leaders and key industry experts to promote innovation in digital identity and authentication.” Mike Vanderkaden, VP Corporate Development, Equifax Canada

      “A key event in understanding the significance of identity in digital economy, IdentityNorth is an innovative and open facilitation platform, imperative for organizations and individuals interested in unlocking the hidden potential of digital space.”Brian Forbes, Executive Director, Coral CEA
      “A premier conference committed to making consumer identification easier and safer by bringing together leading individuals and organizations in the digital identity and authentication space.” Andre Boysen, EVP Marketing & Digital Identity Evangelist, Secure Key
      “A high value gathering of a broad spectrum of people and organizations, focused on moving the identity agenda forward.  The connections I made here were invaluable and I look forward to attending it again this year.”Vic Klassen, General Manager - Digital Sales, Canada Post

    • “By helping to build a community of identity experts, IdentityNorth is making a crucial contribution to the development of Canada's online economy.”Patricia Meredith, Senior Advisor, Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness
      “A unique coalition of identity experts from financial services, telecommunications, mobile devices, and government, determined towards Canada’s success in the digital economy.”-Gerri Sinclair, Corporate Director, Strategic Technology Consultant
      “The trust model of citizen identity management is born out of the existing culture of the society.  The user-centric vision is alive and thriving in Canada.  No other venue provides this unique Canadian experience.”-Greg Turner, Technical Principal, Sierra Systems

    • “IdentityNorth gathers experts and players from both the private and the public sector to help Canada lead the world in digital identity that addresses the concerns related to personal privacy.”Dick Hardt, Entrepreneur, public speaker, innovator, Identity 2.0 promoter
      “A constructive and open format to learn and share the best practices and experiences in digital identity. It provides a unique opportunity to network with leaders in this field and keep abreast of new developments.”-Guy Legault, former President & CEO, Canadian Payments Association
      “A must-attend premier conference for everyone interested in digital identity. It allows individuals to collaborate and network with the key industry insiders building the country's Digital Identity ecosystem.” - Brent David Ho-Young, Managing Director, Donriver