After recapping the 5 trends that marked our 2017, we’re looking ahead to 2018 and the leading principles that will guide the conversations and innovation in digital identification and authentication. Advances in digital identity go beyond technology and impact every citizen and industry. With growing interest in authentication and understanding of the essential nature of digital identification, we’re excited to see how these key values will unfold and advance digital identity in the coming year.

It felt like a weekly headline in 2017: Major company experiences data breach. With more personal data being shared and sent than ever before, it’s unsurprising that the number of breaches have also increased. This year, guided by Privacy by Design principles and the hard-won lessons of the past 12 months, we hope to see more organizations adopt a user-centric approach to data collection and storage. By centring privacy, reducing personally identifiable information (PII) collection and duplication, and ultimately putting more power in the hands of consumers, we believe that we can improve user experience and data privacy.

The value of digital identification is fully realized when it can be used seamlessly across platforms, industries, and use cases. Interoperability, rooted in collaboration, is crucial for this advancement to take place. With new technology that has the ability to connect disparate systems and leapfrog full migration processes, a collective, pan-Canadian commitment to interoperability can help us make big strides this coming year. We expect that uptake will grow as more and more organizations recognize the all-around stakeholder value and potential of interoperability. ​

Private-Public Sector Collaboration
It’s never been more crucial for private and public sectors to cooperate and collaborate. With major innovations in tech and economic forces converging, the public sector needs policies and regulations that can catch up – and remain resilient – in the face of change. Private sector advancements, especially in the digital identification space, require public support to reach their full potential and reduce friction. With more IdentityNORTH gatherings, a growing DIACC, and other committees bringing private and public organizations to the same table, we look forward to seeing these connections forge and flourish this year.

Our growing community needs more opportunities to connect, collaborate, and discuss the ramifications of Canadian-made digital identification solutions. In support of the individuals and organizations pushing digital identification forward in Canada, IdentityNORTH will be hosting events in Montreal, Toronto, and on the East Coast this year. Through more events in different provinces, we hope to involve as many diverse Canadian organizations as possible in the digital ID community.

Join us at IdentityNORTH 2018 and follow us to stay up-to-date on digital identity news.