The deep pool of Canadian talent is not exclusive to a single area code, province, or territory. Coast to coast, Canadians are proving they have big ideas and the skills to turn those ideas into a reality.

​For that reason, IdentityNORTH is excited to announce that in 2018 we will be finding ways to engage more Canadians from across the country. In addition to our annual IdentityNORTH 2018 conference in Toronto, we will be hosting events in Montreal, on the East Coast, and on the West Coast.

Bridging the conversation across the country will ensure solutions, knowledge, and the community associated with digital identity truly reflects the dynamic, innovative, and unique populations that make up Canada.

Join Us Across Canada this Year

​The original location of our IdentityNORTH events, Toronto is frequently recognized as the Canadian hub for commerce, technology, and innovation. We are happy to return year after year to provide our community with an opportunity to gather in the context of the action-packed city that is constantly evolving across sectors.

Montreal​Montreal is among the country’s most culturally distinct and creative cities. As Quebec’s largest urban centre, we are excited to convene the conversation with our country’s incredible francophone population and ensure the IDN community is leveraging the groundbreaking insights and innovation that are emerging across the province.

​The east coast continues to prove that size does not determine influence, especially when it comes to digital government innovation and catalyzing the local tech community. We’re so excited to bring the digital identity conversation to the east coast for our Eastern Forum, where we’ll be able to spotlight and tap into an inspiring local talent and progress in the industry.

VancouverOur first Western Forum in 2017 was a great success and we are excited to make it a recurring event. With more than 100 participants gathering in beautiful British Columbia, we were able to cover important topics including public policy, emerging technology, and privacy. The west coast is a hotbed for private and public sector advancement and we look forward to continue providing a platform to highlight the progress and share the best practices developed in the region.

Interested in hosting Canada’s digital identity community and leading the conversation from your community? Buy tickets or get in touch to learn more about attending, sponsoring, or hosting an IdentityNORTH event.