Do you have a topic that you want to share at an IdentityNORTH event? We want you to submit your speaker proposals! For some general guidelines and more details about the process, read on.

IdentityNORTH, first and foremost as a community and now increasingly as a media organization, is committed to serving the needs of its audience and fulfilling our mandate transparently and free from editorial pressures, including those from sponsors and benefactors.

Our mandate is threefold:

1)    Educate: Inspire Canadians with a sense of the new opportunities presented by broad adoption of Digital ID as a foundational piece in our lives. We see a huge opportunity to grow our economy by building literacy around Digital ID, privacy, and the emergence of our digital economy.

2)    Connect: Guide Canadians into a bigger, broader set of discussions and activities surrounding Digital ID and its applications. We can’t work together if we don’t know each other, and how better to really know someone than to share a meal together?

3)    Promote: Support world-class Canadian startups and emerging companies as they seek to gain profile and access to projects and opportunities across Canada and around the world. We will help create a globally recognised hub of identity thought leadership here in Canada.

IdentityNORTH wants to serve its audience with content that is educational, accurate and speaks to the broader issues that are driving change and shaping the world around us.    

To program our events with editorial integrity and ensure objective speaker selection, IdentityNORTH is building an impartial board of advisors who will support efforts of delivering the most relevant content and the best speakers.

Here is some more detail to help better understand some of the behind-the-scenes processes in place to build a compelling agenda and great speakers for our events.  

How is the agenda built and how does the speaker selection process work?

Aran Hamilton, Chair of IdentityNORTH, is the lead architect for the agenda. Throughout the agenda building process, he works in collaboration with an advisory board made up of former recipients of the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy awards, public and private sector leaders from the host regions, and leaders within the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), including Joni Brennan, President of the DIACC.

Step 1: Aran, with the guidance of each regionally-focused advisory board, sets the theme for each event, outlines key topics to be covered, and identifies some early candidate speakers for identified topics.

Step 2: The theme is shared with the community at large, the event specific call for speaker submissions opened, and the deadline for submissions announced. Note, the call for speakers is always open for noteworthy content outside the published themes – please feel free to submit any ideas or suggestions anytime of the year. Startups are especially difficult to identify because they simply don’t have the profile. Make sure we know who you are!

Step 3: IdentityNORTH and our advisors undertake targeted speaker outreach and speaker submission review. All speaker submission will be reviewed. Those identified as a fit for the agenda will be engaged for review, revision and validation. Please note this means that many valid submissions won’t be part of the pre-published agenda.   

Step 4: Draft agenda building and advisory board review. The draft agenda is populated with a mix of potential speakers to target, advisory board suggestions, and speaker submissions. The agenda is then reviewed and validated by the board of advisors for relevance, best option and value for audience.

Step 5: Speaker confirmation and announcement. IdentityNORTH will then contact and confirm with each speaker, update the IdentityNORTH website, mobile app, and announcements via newsletter, attendee communications, and social media.  

All submissions will be kept for future consideration.

Thinking of Submitting a Session or Idea?

Excellent! We are always accepting speaker submissions, but please keep in mind event-specific deadlines. We’ve also provided some guidelines below on how to craft a successful submission.

What we’re looking for

Before we get to a list of potential topics, we just want to clarify that we’re looking for relevance. We want compelling topics and sessions that will inform, educate, create opportunities and ultimately drive the industry forward. The IdentityNORTH community needs to have the best information in order to lead to constructive conversations, and ultimately drive action and change. Emerging companies need profile, insight, and opportunities and we want to help with that.

Types of content:  

  • Present a look into the future on what’s coming and why it matters: what do you see on the horizon of digital identity and related topics
  • Present a controversial or counter-position idea: Challenge the audience to evaluate their current practices/views/beliefs by presenting a bold, different, unpopular, or  controversial idea or position
  • Industry success/failure story: Share an experience or case study that will help the audience learn to avoid your mistakes or repeat your successful practices   
  • Research or breakthrough: Share your newest breakthrough in technology, process, policy, legal framework, commercially viable business solution, theory, etc.   


The following is not an exhaustive list of topics, but a great point of reference. IdentityNORTH is focused on digital ID and all relevant peripheral subjects such as:

  • Digital ID & Authentication
  • Enterprise Digital ID and Security
  • The Digital Economy
  • Biometrics
  • Privacy & Data Security
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other Data Protection Policies
  • Cyber Risk and Cyber Security
  • Blockchain and Crypto related to Digital ID, Authentication, and Security
  • Online Service Delivery
  • I.O.T. (The Internet of Things)
  • Emerging Standards and Technology
  • International Interoperability of Business and Governments
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Customer IAM
  • Zero Trust Security
  • AI Adaptive Authentication
  • Microservice Architecture, and
  • The Balance between Customer Profiling and Data Protection


The following session formats are acceptable.    

  • Keynote
  • Case study/Demo  
  • Panel
  • Debate

* A note about format: The presentation should be assumed to run as a 20 minute session, unless a strong case for time extension can be made.

Please do not submit a sales pitch. If you, or the company you represent would benefit from the sale of your products or services to our audience, a single-party keynote style submission may sound like a good idea, but honestly probably would not be the best format. We hope that as a industry player, you can provide great thought leadership in terms of vision, projects, research, case studies, etc., and we encourage you to submit any suggestions so long as they meet our criteria.

If you are submitting a case study or demo, you must have multiple presenting parties. This is to acknowledge the reasonable understanding that most solutions are not the result of a single company’s work and demonstrate the collaborative nature of the identity industry. The ideal format is three parties or “three logos” (for example: vendor or startup/systems integrator/client, or vendor/vendor/client).

A case study or demo with only two parties will be considered, but in order for this submission to succeed, it is expected to be notable and groundbreaking.

Successful keynote submissions will feature groundbreaking technological, policy, legal, or scientific research or breakthroughs that will educate the audience and enrich the community.

Single-speaker keynote submissions from companies who benefit from a favourable thought leadership position within the community will be heavily scrutinized for individual industry leadership, rather than organizational industry leadership.

Who attends IdentityNORTH?

IdentityNORTH events attract senior level delegates (Director level or greater) working in Digital Identity and related fields from both the private (65%) and public sector (35%).

  • Public sector attendees come from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments from departments including, but not exclusively, Office of the CIO, IT, Transportation, Health, Finance, Treasury Board, Vital Statistics, Elections, Registries, etc.
  • Private sector attendees from new and emerging technology companies in health tech, fintech, and security as well as from established organizations such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, credit agencies, retailers, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare, travel and hospitality, etc.

Tips for successful submissions

  • Have a goal and share it in your submission. Explain how you will deliver on that goal via your suggested keynote/case study
  • Know the audience and keep them in mind when structuring your submission. Keep it actionable – what can the audience take away from your session?
  • Finished ideas have a higher chance of success – partial ideas are accepted but are less likely to be asked to present on the main stage.

Last year’s agenda

To get a sense of past sessions, please review past agendas

View the 2018 Annual Summit Agenda

View the 2018 Eastern Workshop Agenda

What do speakers get?

  • Complimentary admission to the conference. This includes breakfast and lunches for the duration of conference, as well as admission to the Leaders’ Dinner on Day 1
  • Direct engagement with Aran Hamilton, Chair of IdentityNORTH, to refine your session and prepare for delivery
  • The opportunity to learn from and connect with digital identity leaders and identify opportunities from across Canada and around the world
  • Promotional support in IdentityNORTH materials and offered speaker card for social media promotion, along with a 15% discount code to share with your audience

What are the themes?

To help us curate the best possible agenda for each event, we welcome and encourage submissions from the community and public.

The final content for each event will be determined by meritocracy and contextual relevance to the theme for each event, whether a workshop or summit. Below are themes for our upcoming events.

Ottawa Workshop

Ottawa | September 18, 2019

This is the first IdentityNORTH event to be held in Ottawa! The goal of this event is to connect leaders in the private sector with public policy makers across all levels of government to help broaden the understanding of the role and importance of Digital ID in government initiatives. By increasing awareness on the value of digital ID and security in their respective ministries, we hope that following the federal election this will be kept top of mind over the next four years.

Eastern Workshop

Halifax | October 2 & 3, 2019


  • The governments of the four Atlantic Provinces regularly collaborate on many initiatives. How can the departments of various governments work together to create a common foundation?
  • How can the burgeoning startup community and the rich post-secondary education ecosystem become a springboard for accelerating development of world-leading ideas and solutions?

Share your love of digital identity/blockchain/GDPR/cybersecurity with the IdentityNORTH community. We’re calling on you to submit your proposal.